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Welcome to Explicare: massage and wellbeing 


I am a qualified massage therapist and have advanced certifications so that I can provide holistic massage treatments to enable my clients to

unwind, re-balance and relax.


My treatments promote healing, wellbeing and tension release so my clients feel healthy and happy.


There are a range of massage treatments to suit every need.  I offer a range of relaxing treatments as well as specialist treatments,

including Manual lymphatic drainage (MLD).


Manual lymphatic drainage (MLD) is a super relaxing, light touch treatment aimed at reducing oedema, swelling, and bruising within the tissues. It also soothes and calms nerve endings and eases pain.  It has great benefits to a multitude of health issues and concerns, and also supports wellbeing through detox and cleanse.  MLD is a vital maintenance and management step in complex conditions such as lymphoedema and lipoedema as well as temporary lymphatic blips and concerns from surgeries, cosmetic work, e.g., liposuction, facial work, tummy tucks, and more permanent health problems.


I provide an all-round approach to support clients in treatment to re-balance, relax and restore wellbeing from my home-based treatment room located in Driffield. I am also equipped to provide mobile treatments within the patient’s home (if suitable) or an alternative healthcare setting.


Feedback From My Clients:

I came to Helen for lymphatic drainage massages to support my recovery from an operation. The whole experience with Helen has been amazing. Each time I have visited, I have come away feeling more relaxed and more mobile. Helen saw the improvements every time I visited. Thank you Helen. Without your support, my recovery wouldn’t have been as good. 😌 🥰❤️ 


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