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MLD pre & post medical surgery and cosmetic surgery

Manual Lymphatic Drainage

30, 60, 90 mins


Manual lymphatic drainage (MLD) is a system of gentle, light-touch skin techniques that help the lymphatic system to function more efficiently and detox.  The lymphatic system can become sluggish and congested especially following surgery where it must work harder.  The treatment aim is to decongest the system to remove waste, toxins, and excess fluid to revitalise the areas treated, relax the nerve endings and combat pain.  Pre work can flush and prepare the body prior to surgery and put you forward to surgery at your best.  Post-surgery to alleviate symptoms, e.g. localised oedema, scarring, bruising and restrictions because of surgery or aesthetic work.  It is extremely therapeutic, ensuring a quicker recovery, healing, and better results.  It can be used for many procedures such as knee, hip & shoulder replacements, muscle & ligament tears & repairs, tummy tuck, breast work, face & neck lifts, rhinoplasty, abdomen sculpting, liposuction, etc.

A course of treatment will be required. Everyone is different and so is their plan.

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