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MLD for Lipoedema

Manual Lymphatic Drainage

30, 60, 90 mins


Manual lymphatic drainage (MLD) is a system of gentle, rhythmic, light-touch skin movements and pumping techniques that stimulate lymph flow and help the lymphatic system to function more efficiently.


Benefits of treatment include decongestive effects, calm the nervous system, interrupt pain signals, improve stress & chronic pain, achieve better immunity, reduce oedema, promote healing.  The treatment aims to ease symptoms of Lipoedema, e.g. heavy, achy, tired leg feeling, pain and sensitivity to touch, bruising.  As well as providing relief to symptoms it also stimulates the lymphatic system.  This helps to ensure it is working efficiently and to reduce any build-up of oedema, and the potential to develop secondary lymphoedema if the lymphatic system becomes overwhelmed.


I am a specialist Manual Lymphatic Drainage (MLD) Therapist.  I trained in the Vodder Technique, and advanced practical and theoretical studies enable me to treat and support people with Lipoedema and lipo-lymphoedema.

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