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Why choose an MLD UK registered Therapist

* Therapists have a knowledge of lymphatic anatomy, and the changes that happen to that anatomy following cancer and surgery (of any type).

* Therapists are fully qualified in at least 1 of the recognised MLD schools. They have NOT just completed a short or an online course. Many have studied and practised for years, and continue developing.

* All Therapists' qualifications have been checked and verified.

* Insurance for these therapeutic techniques has also been checked and verified, for your peace of mind.

* MLD UK Therapists are on a recognised professional register; GPs, surgeons, and other health professionals know that they can safely refer their patients to those on the register.

* You can feel safe, knowing that Therapists should be able to manage complicated conditions and situations, including fluid build-up after cancer treatment and post-surgical care.

* Therapists not only perform lymphatic drainage appropriately but are trained to check for signs of problems which may be developing. They can also provide information on self-management and can liaise with medical professionals if there is a problem.


Why would you risk your health seeing someone who isn't registered?


What my customers are saying

Helen is a natural at what she does, extremely professional and I can guarantee a truly relaxing experience from start to finish! Highly recommend.


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